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              Copyright Jennifer Hanna Photography   Canton, Akron, Cleveland- Ohio


Hi, I'm Jennifer, Owner and Photographer at Jennifer Hanna Photography.


Let me start of by saying that photography is my passion! I love what I do!

When I work for you I am interested in preserving a special moment and creating a lasting memory that captures the feeling of your special day. 


To me, my job is more than just about taking a beautiful picture, it's also about the people and emotions inside the image that matters most. I always feel so honored to have the ability to connect with and share in those moments with my clients, it's the priceless part of what I do. Every image is reviewed by yours truly. Each final image is edited and custom selected to showcase your special moments in a beautiful way that captures the essence of the day.

Some of my favorite things to photograph include weddings, engagements and maternity sessions! If I'm not working on portraits you can often find me photographing sporting events and races or out hiking in search of beautiful nature images. 

I believe that there is always something interesting and special to capture in each and every situation, you just have to know where to look.

Send me a massage about how I can help you to preserve your special life moments.

      - Jennifer Hanna

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